19-year-old forward Benjamin Šeško, who plays for RB Salzburg, has plenty of interest from all around Europe, but Manchester United seems to be the most interested club to acquire the Slovenian Wonderkid.

Šeško is a very unique and gifted athlete. Standing at 6'4, he's lightning quick but also elite technically with both feet, positionally disciplined, and dead set on scoring goals. Something that is very unusual in the beautiful game.

If that combination of attributes sounds familiar, then you've probably heard of former RB Salzburg, Dortmund and current Manchester City forward, Erling Haaland.

The two players seem to share another thing, other than their similar play style, the injury problems.

Erling Haaland's Injury record:

Benjamin Šeško's Injury record:

The injuries that have occurred so far in Haaland's career have kept the forward sidelined for a total number of 203 days in 4 seasons. Not an ideal record but also not as bad as Ousmane Dembele's record of 705 days injured in 6 seasons. According to experts the frequent muscle injuries of Haaland are because of his height in combination with his pace and positional demand especially sprints per game which place a higher load on his muscles, risking overload. Also, it's important to mention that both players 22 and 19-years-old respectively are still developing to achieve their fitness and physical peak, which may be another reason for their injury problems.

Will the injury record stop Manchester United from acquiring Šeško's services? Probably not.

But it will be important to continue monitoring the player's fitness and physicality to ensure that he will not suddenly become injury prone like many other young players before him.

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