Cristiano Ronaldo's stance made clear

Following United's lack of activity in the transfer market, Ronaldo and Jorge Mendes have made the situation clear - Ronaldo wants to leave Manchester United. United have only drifted further from Liverpool and Manchester City. Additionally, United's failure to seal a place in the Champions League is thought to be a reason behind Ronaldo's desire to leave. It is clear, however, given the timing of the forward's desire to leave that the main reason behind his decision is a lack of activity in the transfer market. It has been reported that Ronaldo and his team were promised 2 signings by July 1st, which, of course, failed to materialise.

Despite an initial wave of disappointment regarding Ronaldo's decision to leave, United fans should be supportive of his decision. It gives a clear indicator to the reason behind the club's failure to compete at the highest level - the Glazers and their lack of ambition. Whilst Top 4 may be good enough for United - although it certainly isn't a given that United will achieve it this season - it shouldn't be the standard for Cristiano Ronaldo, and likewise for United fans. Following Ronaldo's return, a clear glimpse of the true dysfunction of the club was uncovered, and hence the reasons behind United's 5 year long trophy doubt. His clear dissatisfaction and desire to leave the club should be treated as a protest against the Glazers, and are a catalyst for change - should United fans have the same desire to return to winning silverware on a consistent basis. Cristiano Ronaldo wants what all United fans do, however unfortunately the board and owners do not share the same desire. Any anger towards Ronaldo should instead be pointed towards the Glazers, via the use of protests and other effective, peaceful methods of gaining change.

A return to Italy appeals to Ronaldo, however no teams in Italy have formalised their interest currently. Napoli are thought to have held an interest, but withdrawn due to concerns over the Portugal international's wages. AC Milan and Juventus remain attentive to the situation, but formal talks are yet to occur between the club and United or the player.

Bayern Munich also hold an interest in the forward, but are not expected to move forward with interest, unless Robert Lewandoski is sold to Barcelona, which is a deal that appears unlikely currently. Ronaldo's wages are also thought to be an issue for Bayern, who currently earns in excess of £150,000 per week over their highest paid player, Robert Lewandoski. It's also been questioned whether Ronaldo fits Bayern's philosophy, given his age. Whispers of a swap deal between Ronaldo and Lewandoski have been heard, however it is extremely unlikely that this materialises.

Chelsea have a concrete interest in Ronaldo, and they are currently contemplating an approach for the striker. The move is on Ronaldo's radar, with holding a meeting with Todd Boehly last week, regarding a possible move to the Blues. An approach currently remains hinged on Thomas Tuchel's willingness to facilitate Ronaldo in his system at Chelsea, although this is unlikely to be an issue, given Chelsea's lack of a striker, following Lukaku's departure on loan to Inter Milan. Chelsea are currently the favourites for Ronaldo's signature, should he leave Manchester United.

A return to Spain also remains possible. Mendes and Joan Laporta are thought to have held a meeting regarding the player's future on the 4th July, although sources have suggested that this could be fuelled by Ronaldo's desire to return to Real Madrid. Sources have questioned Barcelona's ability to afford Ronaldo's salary and transfer fee - as well as his ability to fit into Xavi's Tiki-Taka system - and hence it is thought that Mendes may be attempting to force Real Madrid's hand, in the same way he did with Manchester United due to the Manchester City interest last year, in order to manoeuvre a move back to Madrid. Ronaldo feels he could fight to win trophies with Real Madrid, and could spend his last years at the top level with them. Sources close to the Portugal international have not dismissed Ronaldo's desire to win yet another Ballon d'Or, which Ronaldo has won 5 times.

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