CRISTIANO RONALDO - The man to lead the new generation to the glory days?

On the 31st of August 2021, Manchester United announced the return of their beloved legend, the Portuguese magnifico, Cristiano Ronaldo back to the Old Trafford team for a second stint at the club. It was a time of jubilation and uproar and the number 7 went on to do what he always does when the limelight is on him, steal the show. A second debut to remember and more importantly a seasonal performance that has critics scrambling for ways to diminish his ever-increasing stardom and influence on the dressing room.

Ronaldo has shown time and time again why he is the top football echelon, his mentality and drive are what push him to overcome whatever adversary is in front of him. This is why he not only deserves to be the captain of Manchester United, but he also needs to be the voice of reason in that dressing room. Rumours started pouring out in April that some of the United dressing room heaped blame on Ronaldo for causing rifts and causing discontent, these same players who bottle big games and post on social media afterwards thinking all is forgiven?

It's mind-boggling to even believe this, those lads should be lucky that Ronaldo is tolerating them let alone playing on the same pitch with them.

All in all, the young generation coming through the ranks will not disappoint, why? because they have the perfect role model to look up to as a professional footballer playing at the same club like

them, the one and only, CRISTIANO RONALDO.

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