Erik ten Hag had his first ever Premier League press conference meeting today before Sunday's game vs Brighton and Hove Albion

Erik on new signings:

"We want Frenkie? It's about the right players . I cannot give comments on a player under contract at another club. When you develop players in your current squad, in this moment we have players in that position and they are performing really well."

"That would be a good situation [to have transfer business done before the season], but I am happy with the squad. I am happy with the signings up until now. We are working altogether. I am happy with the current squad and we need the right players."

"If it's not the right player, no. We need the right players."

We said before: we are still searching to strengthen the squad."

Erik on Ronaldo:

"I'm very happy with him, like I said we plan with him. He's a top striker... Ronaldo is working really good, tough and hard."

Erik on performances:

“Our aim is to win every game, this is what Manchester United stands for. We have to look forward to the first game and the approach has to be: to win every game. So, let's start Sunday.”

Ten Hag on Ronaldo's early OT exit:

"Now I have to point out, there were many players who left but the spotlight is on Cristiano, that is not right, do your research and make out many players left."

Erik on the squad:

"I'm satisfied with the whole team, we're working good, good culture."

"It is all open and we have to cover many, many games. We need quality players to cover all of the games. Nobody can play all of the games."

"Last season is last season - I am looking forward. I am preparing the team for the future and for Sunday - that's it."

Erik on what "unacceptable" behaviour is:

"You mention it, you correct them, then move on."


Great presser from Mr. Erik ten Hag, and good luck to United going into the first match of the 2022/2023 season.

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