Today, 24/05/2022, the Glazers have cashed in £11 million in dividends, as they do twice a year. This takes the amount of cash the Club has paid in dividends to the Glazers to around £150m.

They are the only club owners in the Premier League to take money out of their club in this manner.

Since taking over Manchester United, the family have taken more than £1 Billion out of the club when factoring in:

Loan repayments, Interest charges, Dividends paid and Existing debt.


United Legend Gary Neville has once again criticized the Glazer family for their decision to take

£11 million out of Manchester United in dividends today, claiming the move to do so 'isn't right'.

Neville is disgusted that United's owners are taking such an action when significant investment in the club is required, on and off the pitch, especially considering that all of United's rivals are miles ahead of them and also making transfers early on in the summer.


Speaking 2 years ago, co-owner Joel Glazer defended their stance.

“You know, we’re able to spend with the top clubs throughout Europe, whether it’s wages or transfer fees, we’ve been able to keep our ticket prices low, we’ve not increased them in over 10 years. We’re able to pay a dividend but it’s a modest proportion of our five to six hundred million pounds of revenue. it’s less than three per cent of that. We’re able to do all these things and that’s to me the sign of a well-run club. It has never stood in the way of us pursuing players or transfers on the pitch.”


United are currently in negotiations with Barcelona over Frenkie de Jong. The Catalan Club are said to want a fee of £73 million, while United intend to pay only £65 million. The fans were quick to point out that the money being paid to the Glazers could've been enough to seal the deal for Erik ten Hag's priority signing this summer. It is yet unclear what United's budget is this summer for new signings as the Club is said to have adopted a more secretive stance, not letting anyone know their budget and targets. The certain thing is that the owners continue to take money out of the club, despite it being needed to rebuild the team, stadium and club facilities.

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