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Manchester United are not the only club who have had great players in the club's history, quite a number of clubs can boast of exceptional talents as well, however, Manchester United seem to be the club where ex-players have a cult banded together by Sky Sports to make high profile comments to the detriment of the club.

Punditry should not be to the detriment of the club you claim to love, without a doubt Man United will always be in the spotlight and the pressure ever immense, but our ex-players continue to find creative ways to increase the pressure on the manager and players.

In truth, they are just hypocritical hoodlums with a voice and a stage to make their voices stand, when their pal Ole was running the club into the ground literally, they all called for more time and patience from the fan base, and he got the sack because he was nowhere good enough, for the first time in years we have a tactical manager who knows what he is doing but they refuse to back him for whatever reason instead they continue to find ways to question his decisions and crack up the pressure on a man who is in direct contrast to their clueless pal Ole.

Interestingly all this criticism is coming from failed managers, hilarious right? In 2015 Valencia made the regrettable decision of making Gary Neville their manager, it ended dismally he managed 16 games won 3, drew 5 and lost 8. Mercifully his reign came to an end. But today Neville speaks as someone who has an in-depth understanding of football as a manager when he flunked his audition when it mattered.

Roy Keane's Managerial career is nothing special, he may have had a slightly better record than his pal Neville, but he is not exceptional manager material. However, he continues to suit up nicely and criticise the manager's decision week in and week out including siding with a player who was guilty of misconduct recently. His stint at Sunderland was his most memorable but he comes nowhere near top-level football management.

Paul Scholes's forgettable managerial cameo at Oldham Athletic and Salford city passed in a glimpse of an eye, in fact, it was pretty brief. Nevertheless, he appears on punditry duty and tears into elite managers the first chance he gets.

These players will always be Man United Legends and deserve our respect as fans but it is time they stop adding flames to the fire and criticising our manager as well as picking on present players all the time without giving credit to these players even after a fantastic performance.

If Ten Hag is to succeed at united we must deafen our ears to the constant onslaught from this lot and back our manager because if we take them seriously and take everything they say to heart this rebuild won't go far. To be fair they make decent observations sometimes but mostly their punditry career is in the same direction as the managerial.

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