Manchester united fan group 1958 plan protest against Teamviewer.

Manchester United fan group 1958 is encouraging Man United fans to make Man United sponsors to look bad in an attempt to hit the Glazers family in their pockets as, we know this is the only chance that they'll leave because none of the Glazer family care if Man United lose their treble status by Liverpool winning the quadruple which we know isn't true but could be in the next few years if the club doesn't fix their own ideas very quickly.

What are the 1958 fan group asking you to do?

They are saying search the stakeholder on Google then, look at the ads at the top of the page but Do Not click on the website as this will just sabotage with what you are trying to achieve as this increases the views on their website and company are all about views and how much money are they getting per week or per day as well as per month on average.

What's so good about this and how will this help us in Glazer Out protests?

Stakeholders spend an incredible amount of time and money into strategies in how to get the most money from their customer, if this protests works on each sponsors the Likelihood of sponsors leaving Man United would be quite high because I think the sponsors would rather good ratings than being on Man United merchandise than being on Man United merchandise but having poor ratings and less money income.

The more sponsors leaving would mean the less money going to the Glazers family and their shareholders, which would surely mean the likelihood of the Glazers family leaving would increase because of the amount of money they would have to pay to the players, coaching staff and just general staff which make a football club work for example people who work in the club store.

Who are the companies that have been targeted so far?

The companies that have been targeted so far is Adidas and Team Viewer and it seems like they're will be a two week window for each sponsor they will be targeting, this is so the protests can be as affected as possible.

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