Manchester united fans plan the 3rd protest of the season at old Trafford vs Brentford

It has just been confirmed by the organiser of the recent protests that there will be another peaceful protest against the owners at old Trafford vs Brentford on the 2nd may.

So what will happen during the protest:

@1958 fan group have said that at 19:00 pm UK time protesters will meet at the trinity statue which they have pleaded for no fans to stand on the statue and respect the statue for what it stands for. They then say in their statement that they urge all fans to leave their seats in the 73rd minute this is to show for every minute these 'parasites'.

Why are Manchester United fans protesting against their owners?

Well Manchester United fans are protesting against their owners because they are fed up of how Manchester United is being run currently however, yes you might say that Manchester United is being better run by the new CEO Richard Arnold by football director John murtough even though they are looking at Paul Mitchell. Another reason at why Manchester United fans are protesting against the owners is that the owners are still taking dividends out of the club even though the club is in over 450 million debt and as gary neville said on his podcast recently on sky sports 'don't you dare take dividends out when the main objective of the club is failing'. I would say this is one of the main reasons why Manchester United fans will not and never be happy as the Glazers as Manchester United owners and to be clear it isn't because united aren't achieving on the pitch there were protests in 2005 when they were about to come in 2010 when we were successful and then again in 2021 after the failure of the European super league and now in 2022 where the 1958 fan group say these protests will be 'constant, relentless, pressure.

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