Manchester united pre season review

Manchester United had a fairly successful pre season as the front 3 looks like they're back to the best with new signings settling in lets assess how the team has improved since Erik ten Hag arrival and what else needs to be improved.

David De Gea- firstly let's talk about De Gea, David needed to improve his distribution last season because last season David De Gea was ranked in the 36 percentile for pass completion however, this could be to many things for example in previous years the GK hasn't been asked to play out of the back but this season we know David will be asked to play this way as playing out of the back is integral to Ten Hag's style.

As of now he has improved in his ball distribution and that can now allow Erik ten Hag to play how he wants his team to play.

The fullbacks:

In modern football nowadays fullbacks are integral to any offensive style of play this is because they can underlap and overlap and this helps to keep the defender you're facing guessing, this could be used in the advantage of creating a chance and maybe scoring a goal if the chance is taken well

A time when this happened in pre season was when Rashford had the ball he had a Shaw run so he opted for the overlap so, Shaw fired the ball into the box and all sancho had to do was putting the ball into the back of the net, I expect this to be a common theme in Erik ten Hag's Manchester United.

Midfield play:

Since Erik's first game both Mctominay and Fred have looked for audacious balls that will create a big chance as its known, and potentially lead to a goal which happened in pre season the goal happened by Fred looking for that over the top ball to Sancho and luckily with Sancho's pace and quality in the strike it lead to us scoring a very good counter attacking goal.

Attacking play:

Since the arrival of Erik ten Hag Manchester United have been pressing bigger and better since the first pre season game and this has led to us being further up the pitch which means winning the ball closer to their goal and could then mean we can sustain possession of the ball and this is key to winning more games and achieving what Manchester United fans think the aim should be this season and that is qualifying for the Uefa Champions League.

So what exactly needs improvement in order to progress the team:

Well it is clear that the Goalkeeper needs to improve his kicking to 30,40 yards because in previous games in pre season David just kicked the ball with it going out of play and at one point you could hear Erik through the TV even with the crowd being very loud, we also need to improve our midfield not just on midfield depth but also quality because everyone knows Man Utd fan knows we need a midfielder or two but we need a midfielder who can protect the defence but also supply balls to the forward line.

And lastly from me another key element that we must improve theis the pressing because at times it worked but other times there was a lack of cohesion in the pressing and so teams were able to pass through us the odd times.

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