Manchester united vs Real sociedad review

Well it's my first review of a loss on a miserable night for the United Kingdom.

We lossed 0-1 in what was a terrible performance by Manchester United and well var is a farce which I will get on in a little bit.


So the only goal they scored was when var Cheated and went against the rules, when the rules exactly state it is not a handball when its comes off from the body onto the arm as the image says below, via the Uefa website.

Player ratings:

De gea: 6 did everything right apart from saving the pen which is hard to

Dalot 6: didn't concede on the pitch and would've had an assist if Ronaldo was inside

Maguire: 6:

he did well when he returned to the starting 11 but they're was also some bad qualities like when he made a mistake which led to nothing ultimately but was a warning.

Martinez 6: he did well when coming on unfortunate to concede the penalty which gave the opposition the team.

Lindelof 5: played well in the first half but when shifted to rb he offered nothing offensive when Ten Hag style is more offensive than defensive.

Casemiro 6: can't give him anything higher than a 6 but he did very well shielding the back 4 and offering support to the attacking players.

Fred 4 : In my opinion had an atrocious game and cannot believe he lasted the whole game.

Bruno 5: offered promised but didn't give anything major

Sancho 5: didn't offer anything from the bench be it with roughly 10 minutes on the pitch

Ronaldo 5: was on for the whole game offered promises, had a goal ruled out but after that didn't do anything

Garnacho: 6: wasn't on the pitch long enough to even give him a good or poor rating

Eriksen 6: in my opinion motm was the biggest spark on the pitch but had to be taken off in case our games go ahead.

Malacia : in the first half offered some positivity but in the 2nd half united were poor so ultimately he had a poor 2nd half as well

Antony 5: didn't really offer anything but also Man United didn't get the ball to the wings enough and therefore he was always gonna have a poor game

Mcneil 6:

Didn't have enough minutes to have a proper rating that I can go in to detail

Elanga 5: offered some promises but held onto the ball and it's so clear he's not ready for premier league football.

Ten Hag 6: did rotation which we all agree with and did everything right apart from our style of play wasn't what it was last few games.

Overall opinion is that this is a process and they're will be ups and down like a roller coaster.

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