Old habits die Hard

When a manager comes in its of the club's tradition to give him a warm welcome thus he gets backed. With Richard Arnold now at the helm, he sure would like to set the record straight and distance himself from his former boss. He sure would like to get on a good start. A new dawn at Manchester United with a lot of changes being made and Erik Ten Hag as the manager. Optimism is the feeling around the club with decision swaying from commercial activites and for once it looks like football is the top priority although its too early to tell but the fans will certainly hope. With changes made you can notice the intent but fans will always voice their concern in each and every step taken that is how things are being done so as to avoid past mistakes.

Manchester United has always gone for big names in the market because of how they are as a club that is being a big and ambitious institution. The goal has always been remain at the top competing for trophies with the best clubs in the country and around Europe but post Sir Alex Ferguson the club has gone on a downward spiral. This has caused the club to act differently in the market because of the sporting project at the club not being attractive. The club lost its appeal and failed to attract top players. Players have been signed solely for commercial gain and have been lured to come to the club by being offered huge wages. This stance has totally erased the club's tradition and values of signing hungry players, who play for the badge and play for improved contracts. All the blame has been pinned on Arnold's former boss Ed Woodward who has left the club in bad state. Manchester United has been a retirement home for players looking for their last pay cheque or a pit stop for players to deepen their coffers. With the reset under new stewardship, we have seen a glimpse of the road the club wants to take with a fresh approach in the market and different kind of player profiling. Football people have been appointed to make football decisions and the ship has started to sail bit by bit but with every movement fans will scrutinize.

The decision to pursue Frenkie De Jong the Dutch maestro arguably one of the most technically gifted midfielders of this generations has raised a few eyebrows. Its not his ability that has been in doubt for the fans, if you are to place him in that United team, the midfield surely will have a different outlook. Its his willingness and commitment that has been questioned. A player who has been qoutated by various media outlets stating that he has no desire to leave his childhood dream club that is Barcelona. Its the economic situation of the Spanish giants that is reportedly forcing them to sell their most priced possessions. Manchester United have taken advantage of the situation and continued their pursuit despite the player showing no interest of a move to Old Trafford. Ten Hag has been reported to be spearheading the negotiations trying to convince the Dutch player to work with him again which might work to Erik's favour a player he built from scratch. Surely Erik knows his idea would be in sync with Frenkie's attributes as a player and thats why he is adamant United keep pursuing him but does it paint the right picture. Trying to lure a player who is not willing to come to club. Will he ever be passionate and hungry as the other players or we will get the being a "proffessional" angle of him as a player. Everytime he has a bad game at the club what conclusions will be drawn by the fans considering he has openly shown no desire to come to the club if Barcelona go through with the sale to United. A player that does not want to be at Manchester United considering its state. For a club that preaches about passion, the badge, hunger, fight and the United way are they going back on their traditions if they continue to pursue the Dutch midfielder. One can only count on the relationship he has with the manager maybe he might be inclined to be loyal towards Erik which in turn might be a positive for the club. Fans will worry considering they hardly have seen the word commitment at the club this season.

Should the club be going for low key targets who want to build their careers and will show appetite to make the club reach those heights again, yet again questions will be asked that is with those kind of players will United ever close the gap on the City and Liverpools?

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