Ten Hag under attack

Despite the glowing reference and buzz to his appointment, Erik Ten Hag knows managing Manchester United is placing himself into unchartered territory. Take nothing away from the positivity that his appointment brings around the club, the fans need to acknowledge that there are some issues that could easily derail Erik's reputation as a manager.

The Dutch who comes to Manchester United with a reputation of building clubs faces a huge obstacle. Unpredictable owners who over the years have usually prioritized commercial activities and neglected football matters that is from signing 3rd choice targets, taking too long to sign primary targets, letting the club go for long without a Director of football to not addressing the most talked about central defensive position in the team. Many managers have come and gone crying foul over the board's conduct of not being backed. There is no guarantee Erik Ten Hag will get special treatment but early signs of hiring a consultant, restructuring the heirarchy within the club, clearing out of employees who are in specific roles which they did not specialize in show how the owners want to turn on a new leaf and change their ways. This will not be enough to change the fans' minds, whether the owners can be trusted that remains to be seen with the summer transfer window being the litmus test.

Due to trophy bareness, it was clear that from the outside, opinions were going to create divisions. The love for the club soon turned to love for individuals. Erik Ten Hag inherits a divided fan base which is into so called "FCs". Can Erik unite fans who are always at logger heads from "Martial Fc" to "Rashford Fc" to "Sancho Fc". Fans have turned on to supporting and celebrating individuals rather than supporting the team as a whole. Being sentimental has been the culture at the club these days with fans choosing to compare the players they love at the club with the ones they hate. Form has been the unit of measurement and as such we have seen fans who can not appreciate the squad as a whole. This has also transcended to the managers going back to fans who were pro-Jose Mourinho fans who could not support Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. Before Erik's appointment the club were linked with Mauricio Pochettino, a manager widely reported to be admired by the hierarchy at the club and a large part of fanbase. Sure those in support of the Argentine wouldn't have welcomed the Dutch getting the nod. Erik has a lot of work to do to make their heads turn. One can only imagine if Ten Hag creaks under pressure the attack that will come from the Pochettino sympathizers.

Erik will also have to face evaluations from ex-Manchester United players especially who are in the media industry. Players who have made it clear that their preffered manager choice for the club is not the Dutch man. He will come under a lot of scrutiny, a bunch that carry a strong voice with their vast knowledge of the club they will sure want to prove why Erik was not their preffered option. The only way they can backtrack on their views is if Erik delievers. Erik surely knows on the road to success he will face some downs and

for a club of Manchester United's stature one loss can be magnified. There is a danger that these ex-players can turn into polarising figures especially in bad spells.

Time will only tell but for Erik a manager with so much determination he will know that they are many forces that will be fighting against him.

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