The future of Manchester United?

Football is a sport that is result orientated. Manchester United appointing Erik Ten Hag meant primarily that they needed to address the outlook of their cabinet. The last time the club got their name engraved on silverware has been long. They hired a manager who is on the up in terms managerial sucess the kind of profile that will match their silveware appetite. His main task is to bring back the glory days to Old Trafford, a process that needs time and comes with a lot of baggage like replacing deadwood and getting the right tools to reach the promised land. From players who lack the quality to players who do not fit into the manager's ideas.  The new manager needed to address the issue of who to keep and who to move on. Came the case of out of form and out of favour Marcus Rashford.

Part of the culture of the club has been promoting youth into the first team. The United academy has been known as the hub of talent which has made many football greats with the much coverted class of 92. A club that has for years put emphasis on youth development and intergration into the first team, the club post Sir Alex Ferguson found an unpolished gem who burst onto the scene with so much vigour. Marcus Rashford arguably the brightest prospect to come out from the academy.  A player who had his career start on a high has seen it plateau but since the arrival of Ten Hag we have started to see glimpses of the old Marcus the kid who once scored braces in derbies, scored on debuts in different competitions and the player who at one point was compared to Kylian Mbappe.

For the past two seasons Marcus Rashford and Manchester United had looked like two entities. The club having been in turmoil it was not a suprise that Marcus Rashford's form dipped massively and the only thing that tied him to the club was his off the pitch works which was just amunition for the club's public relation. The two had nothing to offer and it became vivid that they had become parallel.

Marcus Rashford is a classic example of what the club embodies. For every academy looking it was not a good sight. One of the brightest prospects to come out of the academy about to move on from the club whilst not yet developed. It was sign of a player not given adequate attention to and lacked proper coaching. For every academy kid the thoughts that would have ran in their minds is how the club would neglect talent letting it go unnurtured if they had let Rashford leave the club.

A fan favourite at one stage had become one of the most hated players by the fanbase. From the outside the impression would have been is this how Manchester United treat their academy players, a club that has turned away from one of its core values and culture practises. Marcus Rashford the footballer had become a closed chapter.

To those who still had little faith in him they always hinged on the fact that he is the local boy who when the club was under pressure he played whilst carrying injuries sacrificing his body to make sure the club gets out of the hole they were once in. His desire and committment was never questionable, it is ability that people started to question. Choping and changing managers the club did not help as for a long time the club lacked stability and swayed from its identity due to wrong profiling of the manager.

It is only now when the club has started to move in the right direction which has allowed a manager who can develop talent who is not only result orientated to be at the helm. Paying attention to these little details will be  welcomed especially by the fans and the hierarchy who wish to see a firing Marcus Rashford turn into a top player again not only for the result on the pitch but for the pride of the club, for the values bestowed by former manager Sir Alex and academy progression. Erik Ten Hag already a fan favourite would like to increase the faith the fans have put in him by making sure a local boy shines once again. The world will be hawk eyeing the Rashford situation waiting to see what unfolds because they know that if United fail to develop him they can pounce on talent being neglected or must i say underutilised. For the recent Fa Youth Cup winner 22' they will always be on the lookout to see if the club has changed its policies on the academy especially if Marcus Rashford's situation has a negative outcome.

Despite Ten Hag having the task of getting United back to the top again, he surely would want to address the Marcus Rashford issue as it turns out to reflect on how United operates. Yes its a new dawn but Manchester United can not neglect one of their own. They can not let an opportunity of a local boy becoming one the best players to play for the club to pass by especially a boy who has made his influence even extend beyond the confines of the football pitch. Manchester United can not turn a blind eye on one of the fundamentals that made it the great it is today.

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