Why does jesse lingard want to get out of Manchester United so quickly?

Lets start from January 2021 when Jesse Lingard was told by then boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer that he will leave the club on loan, and was reported to have said to Jesse that if he does well then Jesse would be in his first team thoughts. Fast forward mid may in 2021 Jesse Lingard had 9 goals and 4 assists in 4 months and had transformed West Ham into nearly getting European football to be a European football team, he had impressed so much he got a call up in September and was in the provisional world cup squad but didn't make the cut for the official World Cup squad.

So now we're now in mid August and Jesse Lingard has numerous offers to go somewhere else in the Premier League and abroad but this is where the problem arises and you could say this is where all the toxicity in the dressing room started. So Ole Gunnar Solskjaer had a conversation at some point in August and said you are in my first team plans and if anyone gets told that at their childhood club I'm sure anyone would stay, however Ole's promises were not followed up on to even give him a chance.

Back in January 2022 there was an offer by Newcastle for Jesse Lingard. Jesse wanted to go Ralf Rangnick was more and willingly to let Jesse leave the club however the Manchester United board stepped in showing that ralf didn't have any power at that current time and decided that Jesse lingard would not leave the club.

This is why Jesse Lingard is so desperate for 31st May to arrive so he will be free of Manchester United and in my opinion this is the best deal for all parties but I think we should've parted ways a year ago.

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